Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ways to get involved

The Art of Peace And Free Democracy Summit
April 13-15, 2007
Harbor City International School, Duluth, MN

The Art of Peace theme: "Peace is Every Step"
Note: There are no application forms this year for Art of Peace.

What's happening (that we know of so far) and ways to get involved...

Educational workshops and panel discussions, April 14, 9:30am to 3pm, Harbor City International School. Organized by Free Democracy Summit.
Note: The Art of Peace is not organizing creative workshops this year as we have in previous years. We are organizing two community art projects (see below).

Open Mic Stage, April 14, 2nd Floor Harbor City International School
Organized by Harbor City High School students & Art of Peace.
There will be a sign up sheet on the day for those who'd like to perform

Art Exhibit, April 14, Harbor City School, displayed throughout building
Organized by Free Democracy Summit. Contact: Peter at mpirg@d.umn.edu.

Community footprints banner, April 14, on-going, Skywalk at Harbor City School, 2nd Fl.
Add your footprint and/or a word or phrase which represents the way in which you make small or big steps on the path to peace to a large community banner. Be inspired by messages passed down through the generations, and be entertained by the antics of a band of "peace clowns." Contact: Art of Peace

Community labrynth, April 14, on-going, location TBA.
Find a rock you can easily hold and carry, not too small, not to big. Paint it on your own sometime before the event or bring it on Saturday to paint. Paint a word/s, symbol/s, or image/s that you see as a "stepping stone" to peace. The rocks will be arranged on Saturday to create a labrynth. Contact: Art of Peace.

Evening performance, April 14, 7pm, location TBA
Organized by Art of Peace and Harbor City International School students.
Planning still underway. Contact: Art of Peace

Contacts for Art of Peace:
Email: theartofpeace@gmail.com

Contacts for Free Democracy Summit:
Email: mpirg@d.umn.edu
Website: www.freedemocracysummit.org
(not yet updated, so most info is from last years event and is not current).

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Art of Peace and Free Democracy Summit

The Art of Peace and Free Democracy Summit
April 13-15, 2007

Planning is underway for the 6th Annual Art of Peace and 4th Annual Free Democracy Summit. These two events have been held separately in the past, and this year we will be collaborating together, organizing different aspects, and together bringing a weekend of "art, education, and inspiration" to the community. Activities will be taking place at Harbor City International School and various other locations, TBA.

More details will be coming soon!

Contact The Art of Peace at theartofpeace@gmail.com
Contact Free Democracy Summit through their website www.freedemocracysummit.org
(their website is being updated, so some of the info may still be up from last years event and is not current)